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Is queue management difficult?

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Queueing has always been a part of culture but, since the introduction of social distancing, this has become more important than ever for businesses to consider. Our range of queue barriers are a straightforward and easy queue management solution for businesses of all types and sizes.

We supply queue control barriers in a variety of styles, from twisted rope to velvet to chain, and even freestanding or wall mounted retractable options. The great thing about our queue barrier kits is that they are extendable, so you can add on to your existing kit.

Rope queue barriers for queue management
Is queue mananagement difficult?

You don't need a high end electronic system to manage lines in your business. Most of the time, all you need to do is show people where to wait. We supply simple queue management solutions that get the job done, such as rope or chain barriers. These pole and base styles can be easily placed outside and repositioned as required, helping your customers know where to line up and reducing the hassle for your staff.