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What is a retractable queue barrier?

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What is a retractable queue barrier?

A retractable queue barrier, sometimes known as a retractable belt stanchion, is a metal post with a retractable belt inside the top canister of the unit. The belts can clip on to each other creating a designated line or queue for public to use. They are commonly used in airports, shopping centres, banks and medical centres. A retractable queue barrier is a great way to organise waiting lines or queues at a public facility.

Area Safe has a high-quality range of retractable barriers. From stylish stainless-steel posts or coloured posts, to a range of belt colour options, customized printed belts, belt length options and fixed or free-standing units – Area Safe has your queues straightened!

Queue management tips:

Use simple queue management solutions such as pole and chain kits to make it clear where customers should go.
Use retractable barriers to cover large or changing areas, such as for airport queue barriers.
Use twisted or velvet rope barrier kits for a more exclusive feel.
Making queue management more entertaining for your customers is more profitable for you.
Use custom printed floor vinyls to help remind customers about social distancing guidelines while they queue indoors