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What is Crowd Management?

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What is Crowd Management?

“Crowd control” is the prevailing term to define a major responsibility of facility management in stadiums and arenas. However, managing and assisting crowds—a practice known as crowd management—is a more proactive approach and often more effective than trying to control a crowd after things go wrong.

A crowd management report published in The Sport Journal listed the following crucial reasons for managing crowds:

The more people an event brings in, the higher the odds of something dangerous or reckless occurring– just think about a stadium 

full of frustrated Philadelphia Eagles fans, or an arena packed with Justin Bieber devotees.
Individuals within a large crowd commonly assume someone else will take care of maintaining their safety and well-being within the facility.

The common sense of individual responsibility is dulled considering each person is just a face in the crowd.
Besides concerns about crowd behavior, large gatherings of people come with side effects that can impact how effectively a facility operates

and responds to the needs of the crowd. Big crowds can impede or slow down the actions and communication between facility employees

Most importantly, in the worst-case scenario, big crowds of people raise the possible number of victims. 

Should there be an uprising among angry fans or a fire in the building, panic and riot-like behavior can break out and spread in an instant. 

Situations like this pose a threat to every person in the facility.